Lesson series

Meteor 101: The Fundamentals

Lean how to build and deploy your app with MeteorJS

What's included in this course?

8 Sections
  • Section 1: Starting with Meteor
  • Section 2: MongoDB Collections and Schemas 
  • Section 3: Login and Accounts
  • Section 4: Mobile Apps and Native Features with Cordova  (Soon)
  • Section 5: Business Logic and Code Organization  (Soon)
  • Section 6: Advanced Deployment Strategies (Soon) 
  • Section 7: Scaling Up (Soon) 
  • Section 8: Advanced Optimization (Soon) 

Course contents


What companies say about Meteor

We've been using Meteor for years. Meteor's ease of use is unmatched within the Javascript ecosystem.
Pathable, Event Platform
Meteor gave us the ability to create a fully real-time application with absolute ease!
Avion, User Story Mapping Tool
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