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Meteor University is committed to creating and continuously improving our course offerings for developers alike.
We are dedicated in promoting online knowledge and awareness of the demands of the ever changing JavaScript trends for professional competency. As we believe that code can change people's lives!
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The benefits of learning with us

Up-to-date Material

We're always looking to improve and update our courses to work with the latest Meteor version along with front-end frameworks.


Ask any questions you may have and network with others in our community page.

Qualified Teachers

Our teachers have many years of experience working and developing with Meteor. You're in very good hands!

Lots of Resources

If you're super excited about learning more about Meteor, we have tons of resources for you such as blog posts, YouTube videos, step-by-step tutorials and more!

Companies using Meteor

Check out some of these awesome companies that use Meteor in their day-to-day operations!

Meet your teachers

Our Meteor experts will teach you everything you need to know to help you get set up with Meteor from building to deployment.
Frederico Maia Arantes, Filipe Névola, & Dyarlen Iber are fully qualified teachers with extensive practical and specific knowledge of their fields.

Meet Beatriz

Meet Viktor

Meet Alysia

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